Building a House — 6 Tips for Beginners

December 29, 2021
Building a house is not an easy task. Making one for the first time can be even more challenging!

Building a house is not an easy task. Making one for the first time can be even more challenging!

Your dream home journey has many components that need to be considered, including financing, planning, design, permits and inspections. This blog post will discuss six tips for new home builders in Australia to build their own homes on land they have acquired.

Tip #01: Have a realistic budget

The home building process can be expensive, so it is crucial to have a realistic budget before starting it. It is also essential to factor in additional costs that may arise, such as stamp duty and legal fees.

With so many factors floating around, plan around a final cost range over a specific amount. A home builder can also walk you through more detailed home pricing.

Tip #02: Choose your builder wisely

When choosing a builder, it is wise to do your research and ask for referrals from friends and family. Make sure you visit previous builds by the builder and read online reviews.

Tip #03: Plan well ahead

Good planning is essential when building a new house. Start by drawing up plans of what you want your home to look like and consider all aspects of the build, including the size of the property, materials, utilities, etc.

Tip #04: Building on your own vacant land? Get a surveyor

Suppose you are building on an existing property owned by yourself or your family members. In that case, it is crucial to get the boundaries surveyed and titled correctly before starting the build.

A registered surveyor can do this for you at quite reasonable prices depending upon where you live in Australia. It will save time and money further down the track!

Tip #05: Don't skimp out on inspections

Building inspectors play an integral role during every stage of the construction process by ensuring everything meets standards set forth by local councils/building codes etc.

This protects everyone involved (builders included) from potential legal issues arising after the work has been completed within a home.

Tip #06: Get your paperwork in order

Building your own house requires a lot of paperwork, so it is vital to get organised early on! This includes planning permits, approvals from federal and state governments, and inspections.

Ensure you have all the relevant contact details for the people involved in the process, such as your builder, surveyor andBuilding Inspector.

Your Dream House Is Closer Than You Think

Building a home can be an exciting experience, but it is also essential to be well-informed and organised throughout the entire process.

If you’re looking for a seamless journey from start to finish, CLDS is the homebuilder for you. As a family-owned and operated business here in Bendigo, we know exactly how to make your new home perfect. Get in touch to get started building your dream home today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I start if I want to build a house?

●    Building codes and regulations

●    Building permits (if required)

●    Designing the house plan

●    Building approvals for each stage of construction (or building permit requirements).

You can get prequalified with a home builder through your bank if they have that option.

Is it cheaper to build a house yourself?

It is usually cheaper to build a house yourself, but it’s important to factor in all construction costs, including labour and materials. Building your own home requires a lot of time, effort and money to complete properly.

How much does it cost to build a house?

Homebuilding costs can vary between places. According to the Urban DevelopmentInstitute of Australia, Sydney's median lot price was $495,000 in 2020. When budgeting for your own home, factor in extra features like retaining walls or fencing.



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