Extensions & Renovations

Add space, value & luxury to your home with a CDLS extension and/or renovation.
Renovations & Extensions by CDLS

Renovations & Extensions

Renovations and extensions are two different ways to update and/or expand your home, when your needs change and evolve. Although they can be done separately, we usually find that they work better together – it all depends on your needs.

Whether you need to expend your home for your growing family, expand and extend your living spaces to make it more functional for your life right now, upgrade and update your kitchen – the heart of your home – or even create that master bedroom suite you have always wanted. CDLS can help & guide you through the entire process.

You can extend upwards – creating another storey – or outwards – onto land that would serve a better purpose for you. We are upfront and honest about what we believe we can provide. With our experience and expertise, we will go through the options and possibilities for what is functionally going to work for your space. We will run through the quote, so you know what is going on – we don’t keep secrets from you.

Any questions you have, will be answered. Here at CDLS, we firmly believe you should be updated and included in every step – that way you can be as excited as we are with each progressive step towards your dreams for your home.

Although it can seem daunting, when looking at renovations and extensions, we are here to help – the possibilities are endless.

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