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Luxury Home Builders

Do you have the land for your new home? Do you want a home that is individual to you, but also has a stylish and luxurious feel to it? CDLS will build you a home and provide you with the tools and means to make these dreams and ideas a reality.

Do you have land and are thinking about building a new and luxurious home? Would you like to build a new home that is individual to you but also has a stylish luxury feel to it? CDLS can make building your new luxury home a dream come true, as we have all of the processes in place to make building a new luxury home easy.

We are passionate about building a unique home for you. Your new custom luxury home will be the envy of your neighbours, friends and family. Our new home builds are always spacious, comfortable and innovative, ensuring your newly built home design will be exactly what you want: a quality home with every luxury you could dream of.

We assess your properties size and shape so that you can make the most your land has to offer. Your taste in colours, tiles and bricks will be drawn on to build the home for you to approve.

The sunset, sunrise, your families needs, budget and how many stories – one or two – will be established at the first meeting. All these details will be fused together to give you a fixed quotation price before we begin building your new home.

At the end of the home building process, when we hand over your keys, we promise you will never regret building your custom-designed luxury home with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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