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Does your bathroom need a change, a lift in style and spirit?

Do you simply wish to update your tiles and fixtures? Or do you want to change the total design? Remove and/or add to your walls and plumbing. Whatever you want and desire CDLS will provide for you on a fixed price.

When you shop around and start getting quotes think: does this company provide all aspects of the project and have trades men on call? Do you need to combine a few different trades to get your desired bathroom?

The answer will most likely be yes. Here at CDLS we provide you with all of the aspects your dream bathroom. As well as a project manager to make sure that everything stays on track. We understand that your budget will be different to your neighbours and so we work with you to get your new and spacious bathroom on time and under budget. In our quote we will break down what the main components cost are, for example plumbing or fixtures. This is so you can see where and what your money is going towards.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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